[TWITTER] 2012.02.07 Seung A & Ju Bee’s Tweets


포장됩니까?ㅋ”@ss_road: 꺄오~~~오늘은 식신로드 촬영날♥ 다들 기다리셨쎄용?? 오늘은 베짱이찬가로 인기몰이 중인 써니힐의 주비&미성이 방문했드래요~~두 분에게 궁금한 점 있음 마구 날려주시옵서서~~ pic.twitter.com/IJMiTgR5

Can you pack it?ㅋ@ss_road: Kyawoo~~~Today is God of Cookery Road’s filming dae♥ You were all waiting for it right?? Today Sunny Hill’s Jubee and Misung with their popular Grasshopper Song came to visit us~~~~If you want to know anything about the two of them fly to us~~ pic.twitter.com/IJMiTgR5


@SeungA_hill 아승이 니가진짜 좋아할 메뉴였오 ㅋㅋㅋ

@SeungA_hill ASeung Lee it was a menu you would have liked ㅋㅋㅋ


@JuB_Hill 으앙ㅠㅠ왜하필..고기냐구!!!!!!! 포장해왔오? 안해왔으면… 숙소청소 추가시킬꺼임~~!!~~~! ㅊㅊ

@JuB_Hill AahㅠㅠWhy..Why was it meat!!!!!!! Did you pack some for me? If not… You’ll have to clean the dorm~~!!~~~! ㅊㅊ

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[TWITTER] 2012.02.06 Ko Ta’s Tweet

아쿠쿠● ㅅ● 당연히 모든 트윗을 보구있죠! 모두에게 답 멘션 하고싶은게 간절하지만! 그럴 수 없는게 안타까워요ㅠ_- 수염 코타두 잘 봤어요!^ㅅ^ 아이 우리 힐러들 귀엽다♥^ㅅ^나두 얼릉 보고싶다!!!

Ahkuku● ㅅ● Of course I’m seeing everyone’s tweets! I really want to reply all of you but! I’m really sorry I can’tㅠ_- I also saw mustache Kota!^ㅅ^ Ay our Hillers are cute♥^ㅅ^ I want to see you soon too!!!

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[TWITTER] 2012.01.30 Ju Bee, Mi Sung & Seung A’s Tweets to Jang Hyun


@quix30 오빠 내일 눈온대여… 털모자 쓰고와요 추울거예여…

@quix30 Oppa they’re saying it’s going to snow tomorrow… Go wearing your woolen hat it’s going to be cold…


횽아!! 잘다녀와요 건강히ㅜㅜ면회갈께……흑흑흐그극흑ㅠㅠ“@quix30: 드디어 내일이네요 ㅎㅎ 머리카락고 밀고 시원해짐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 내일 입소합니다. 건강하게 잘 다녀올게요!!!”

Hyung-ah!! Come back healthyㅜㅜI’ll come to visit you……*wimping*ㅠㅠ“@quix30 It’s finally tomorrow ㅎㅎ I shaved my hair it’s refreshing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ My admission is tomorrow. I’ll come back well and healthy!!! 


@quix30 기다릴께 김장현~!!!!! 사랑해요 김장현!!!!♥

@quix30 I’ll wait for you Kim Janghyun~!!!!! I love you Kim Janghyun!!!!♥

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[TWITTER] 2012.01.30 Jang Hyun’s Tweet

드디어 내일이네요 ㅎㅎ 머리카락고 밀고 시원해짐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 내일 입소합니다. 건강하게 잘 다녀올게요!!!

It’s finally tomorrow ㅎㅎ I shaved my hair it’s refreshing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ My admission is tomorrow. I’ll come back well and healthy!!!

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Since the members tweet a lot it’s really time consuming to translate all of their tweets so I hope you will understand that we will translate only relevant tweets from now on~ But if there’s a specific tweet you would like to see translated just come ask in our askbox we will be glad to translate it for you ^ 3^

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[SNHSUBS] Sunny Hill Maxi Single Making 9 - New Year Greeting

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♥ IU ' 아이유 ミ: IU & MBLAQ’s Thunder to fill in for Jang Hyun in Sunny Hill’s performances


Sunny Hill will continue promoting “The Grasshopper Song” with a solid reinforcement!

The co-ed group has been showcasing strong performances with “The Grasshopper Song”, and so fans were upset to learn that member Jang Hyun would be withdrawing from the group to fulfil his mandatory military duties.

Many assumed that the group would continue with just the four ladies, but Sunny Hill’s agency has assured that they’ve secured back-up in the form of A-list idols.

On January 27th, Sunny Hill’s management (LOEN Entertainment) announced, “Following the performance on “M! Countdown” where Monday Kiz’ Han Byul filled Jang Hyun’s space, Huh Kyung Hwan, MBLAQ‘s Thunderand IU will be supporting Sunny Hill on KBS‘s “Music Bank”, MBC‘s“Music Core”, and SBS‘s “Inkigayo”, respectively.”

Considering how Sunny Hill will now be performing with a comedian, a male idol, and a female soloist, it’s expected that the group will deliver three very different styles in their upcoming performances.


The members of Sunny Hill stated, “We were filled with disappointment after hearing that Jang Hyun would be leaving us to enlist in the military, but we feel strength in knowing that there are others who are happy to support us… We will work hard to show better performances and better attitudes.”

Stay tuned for these exciting collaborations later on this week!


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[SNHSUBS] Sunny Hill Maxi Single Making 8 - Three Brothers

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[SNHSUBS] Sunny Hill Maxi Single Making 7 - JANGHYUN version

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[SNHSUBS] Sunny Hill Maxi Single Making 6 - JUBEE version

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